Transparency and Accountability during COVID-19 Outbreak in Ghana

The unprecedented nature of the COVID-19 virus was not only a global pandemic that led to the loss of lives (and in some cases livelihoods), it was a violent litmus test on the efficiency and effectiveness of governments and governance. For Ghana, just like its African counterparts, it was struck with a disease that threatened the capacity of its health system, its administration
and its economy.

The report below assess in some level of detail, the nation and government’s reaction to the pandemic, its fiscal and monetary responses, revenue and expenditure profile during the initial spike of the pandemic, health response, transparency, accountability and incidences of corruption, the impact of COVID-19 spending on social sectors (with a particular focus on the health, education, WASH, and agriculture sectors). It then concludes with a section on possible advocacy opportunities for Civil Society organisations that are keen to see that when subsequent catastrophes occur, communities and societies are better prepared and the government is held to the highest standard of accountability possible.

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